Sunday, January 3, 2016


 Start the day without fear.
 Tell ourselves that no matter what, we can do it.

 Write milestones, not job lists. 
 The three things that will make a difference. Go after them.

 Respect Family. Work. Clients. Colleagues. Teams. 
 Respect makes us work with passion. And it shows.

 No short cuts. 
 From the lunchbox we pack, to the report we write and the design we create, nothing is a shortcut.
 We need it to be done on time, but done well.

 In people around us and their capabilities and intent.
 But more importantly, in ourselves.

 Lead from the front. Be firm, take those calls, however hard.
 Don’t let anyone or anything wipe that smile off.

 A vision card that we can look at and get inspired when we are low.

 For health, happiness and success at the end of each day.

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