Monday, January 18, 2016

"Whenever the warrior draws his sword, he uses it"- Coelho

A quote from my favourite book.
Manual of the Warrior of Light.
Paulo Coelho.

Thinking about this today.
They say when  a Khukri is drawn, you have to have blood on its tip.
Even if it means your own finger being pricked.

Or it could be a pen that writes to imprint, influence.
Once it is on paper, it cannot be restrained.

The idea is simple.
Empty threats are meaningless.

Life is about the open playing field.
Face to face interaction.
Honesty. Facts.

It is about completing what we set out to do.
It means thinking.

Think a lot before we act.
Listen. To both our mind and heart.

So whether it is the sword or a pen, we draw it when we want to make a difference.
And once it is drawn, it should go back into its sheath or case once we have made that .

As Coelho says," Do not diminish the force of a blow by talking about it".

Friday, January 8, 2016

Negativity is Contagious

We always talk about positivity.
And contagiousness.
About smiles being infectious.

Negativity is equally catching.
Extreme opposite forces have similar impact.

Leaders have to recognise this.
To weed out people and behaviour that points towards a low.
And to be conscious of their own emotions.

Or else, negativity at work may spiral into something un-containable.
After all, the mind creates more damage than the body.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Go Social

We talk of digital natives like they are another breed.
Makes me wonder- are there enough senior marketers active on social media?

Social is the hangout.
Where conversations happen.
Views expressed.
Opinions flung.
Pictures shared.

Forums.Communities. Groups.
It's all there, live and happening.

One has to be there to be a part of it.
Reading a report is just not enough.
It's like giving up those consumer visits and market trips, where we get a feel of what's happening.
Or not happening.

Is it fear of organisational policies that reprimand a bold point of view?
Could be.
If one cannot comment on competition, other brands, politics, religion, current affairs, popular culture, an alternate take on issues, it's like being a bird with clipped wings.

Or is it that social media is treated by some of us as just another media channel?
A data point against which budgets will be allocated.

Being active on social media goes beyond just keeping track of the temperature of the social meter and brand conversations.
It allows marketers to communicate as individuals.
To be Influencers whose opinions are  respected and shared.
Engaging updates that are considered marketing nuggets.

Makes us humble.
Creates discomfort.
We start questioning.
We un-learn.

And we come closer to the pulse of the people who make our brands what they are.
Yes, it does help marketers to Go Social.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


a commitment
mutual love and respect
saying no at times
making small compromises that keep both happy
sharing passions and interests, even if they are new and novel
giving each other room to breathe and have some time for self
celebrating every moment each day
sharing pain
freedom to express love, anger, joy, sorrow
never having to cry into the pillow at night
more smiles than tears
having a good laugh at everything
including ourselves
saying a goodnight prayer together
planning for tomorrow but living for today.


 Start the day without fear.
 Tell ourselves that no matter what, we can do it.

 Write milestones, not job lists. 
 The three things that will make a difference. Go after them.

 Respect Family. Work. Clients. Colleagues. Teams. 
 Respect makes us work with passion. And it shows.

 No short cuts. 
 From the lunchbox we pack, to the report we write and the design we create, nothing is a shortcut.
 We need it to be done on time, but done well.

 In people around us and their capabilities and intent.
 But more importantly, in ourselves.

 Lead from the front. Be firm, take those calls, however hard.
 Don’t let anyone or anything wipe that smile off.

 A vision card that we can look at and get inspired when we are low.

 For health, happiness and success at the end of each day.


Every morning, I sit in a chair and look out.
In front of me is the unmade bed, the work table in a slight disarray, my open laptop, the books, the bed side lamps, the water bottles next to the bed, sometimes the still sleeping forms of my family.
In the middle of this, like a frame that has just been unveiled, is the door with its glass panes opening out to the balcony and the skies. The world outside.
This is what I looked at, stare at , as I sip my tea.
The frame and what lies beyond it balances so well, in spite of its contrast, to what is inside the room.
It tells me that it is fine to step out everyday.
To make the most of opportunities.
To touch lives.
To make that difference.
To own half the sky.
And that what empowers me, embraces me to do this every single day, is what lies inside the room.