Monday, January 4, 2016

Go Social

We talk of digital natives like they are another breed.
Makes me wonder- are there enough senior marketers active on social media?

Social is the hangout.
Where conversations happen.
Views expressed.
Opinions flung.
Pictures shared.

Forums.Communities. Groups.
It's all there, live and happening.

One has to be there to be a part of it.
Reading a report is just not enough.
It's like giving up those consumer visits and market trips, where we get a feel of what's happening.
Or not happening.

Is it fear of organisational policies that reprimand a bold point of view?
Could be.
If one cannot comment on competition, other brands, politics, religion, current affairs, popular culture, an alternate take on issues, it's like being a bird with clipped wings.

Or is it that social media is treated by some of us as just another media channel?
A data point against which budgets will be allocated.

Being active on social media goes beyond just keeping track of the temperature of the social meter and brand conversations.
It allows marketers to communicate as individuals.
To be Influencers whose opinions are  respected and shared.
Engaging updates that are considered marketing nuggets.

Makes us humble.
Creates discomfort.
We start questioning.
We un-learn.

And we come closer to the pulse of the people who make our brands what they are.
Yes, it does help marketers to Go Social.

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